Job Application Process - Job Application Process
In order to complete your application form fully you will need to have the following information:-
Internal applicants:
  • Employee Reference Number
External applicants:
  • 5 year employment history information (full dates, dd/mm/yyyy and full contact details),
  • Character referee information (full contact details).
All applicants:
  • National Insurance Number,
  • Education information.
Without this information your application form will not be received and therefore will not be put through to the shortlisting process. If you have any queries regarding the necessary information you can contact a member of the HR team via e-mail at
To begin applying now, please enter your email address and choose a password which will be used to identify you should you wish to complete your application at a later date.
Applicants who are unable to complete their online application form in one sitting can exit their application form and return to complete the online application at any time before the closing date of the position being applied for. The information that you have provided will be saved until you are able to complete your online application form in its entirety.
To continue with an existing application, please enter your email address and password below. If you cannot remember your password, please enter your email address and click request reminder below.
In order to maintain the security of your application, please make sure that you do not leave your PC unattended while you are completing your application form. Whenever you leave your PC, please ensure that you have saved and exited out of the application form.
Email address:
  Request reminder
This access point is provided solely for the submission of Application Forms for employment with Birmingham Airport. Applicants should be aware that when submitting an application, particularly via any open/public venue, caution should be taken to prevent any third party from obtaining their password.
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